Bayu Ria Villa

* A simple, cozy and fully-furnished semi-D rest house (both units are available for rent).

* A kitchen completes with refrigerator and kettle.
* A family dining room with a complete dinette set.
* THREE bedrooms with 2 single beds.
* A cupboard provided in each room.
* TWO bathrooms.
* A comfy living room with a TV and settee.
* Extra mattresses are provided.
Permanent BBQ facility is available for each unit at the backyard.
* The backyard is large enough for children camping.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feel like home~

Hello peeps!

Feel free to contact the homestay owner, Mr. Abdul Razak, if any of your relatives, friends or family members are planning to have a simple but memorable vacation in Bagan Lalang..

Are you worried for not having any places to stay in? Try your luck in Villa Bayu Ria! I guarantee you won't miss your home~ But perhaps, you will want to extend your holidays instead.. Villa Bayu Ria is a place where you want to spend your quality time with your loved ones I must will like you're in your own home yet with different atmosphere...

A simple yet perfect dining hall for a happy family... you can spend your quality time with your kids or beloved ones while having your meals...

Pictures of the kitchen~
If you are a kind of person who likes to cook as a way to distress, this is the perfect homestay you can ever have...

Besides the kitchenette and dinette are provided, air-conditioning bedrooms and living hall are also included!

So, if you feel like having a sun-bathing at the seaside, you can go strolling along the beach and take a spot... and if you feel like chit-chatting with your companions or do some readings, you could just stay in the air-conditioned rooms~ Choices are in your hands...

Have a look at the facilities provided by its owner...then, pick up your very own cellphone or mobile, call Mr. Abdul Razak to book the resthouse! Call him at 013-3889343..


  1. Tima kasih en razak..dua hari kami menginap di villa bayuria yg terbaek dan pengalaman yg menyenorokkan...

  2. Tima kasih en razak..dua hari kami menginap di villa bayuria yg terbaek dan pengalaman yg menyenorokkan...

    1. terima kasih atas feedback puan. kedatangan kembali puan ke villa kami di alu-alukan.

  3. asalamualaikum ,,saya nak tumpang tanya harga homestay ni untuk satu malam berapa ringgit???

    1. Pn Samirah: Berikut rate sewa rumah:

      Normal rate : RM 250 per night per hous

  4. best rumah ni. berbaloi sangat. sy n family dh g. menginap pd 2hb nov br2 ni.

    1. Terima kasih atas komen positive tuan/puan.
      Kami mengalu-alukan kedatangan kembali tuan/puan ke homestay kami

  5. nice place, will go there someday
    regards from yogyakarta

  6. Assalamualaikum en razak, Saya nak bertanya pada 14 Dan 15 jun 2014. Ni masih Ada kekosongan ke